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Marine Zoning Information
The Islamorada Charter Boat Association wants you to be informed on what is happening here in the Florida Keys.  As you may know we are a National Marine Sanctuary both on the ocean side and the bayside of our beautiful chain of Islands.
To view a map of the sanctuary currently follow this link:
The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is going thru the Marine Zoning and Regulatory review process:
Links to the three working groups and Maps can be found below. 
There are also links to information that may help you to understand the process.  Please note that all this and more information is available on the sanctuary website who’s home page is listed below. 

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary home page can be found at this link:

View the Ecosystem Protection: Ecological Reserves, Preservation Areas and Wildlife Protection Working Group Maps and text for these ideas at this link:
The Ecosystem working group’s two recommendations can be seen in full at this link: 

View the Shallow Water Wildlife and Habitat Protection Working Group recommendations to Sanctuary Advisory Council Maps at this link:

View the Coral Reef Ecosystem Restoration Working Group Maps and recommendations to Sanctuary Advisory Council at this link:

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council developed two primary goals and several objectives for the marine zoning and regulatory review.  They can be viewed at this link:

In order to stay informed of public meetings and ways to participate in the review process, you can sign up for marine zoning and regulatory review email updates at this link:

Decision-Making in Working Groups and Advisory

The Sanctuary Advisory Council’s charter outlines how decisions and recommendations are made by majority vote of those present, provided there is a quorum.  In order to facilitate a stronger recommendation and encourage stakeholder engagement, the Council has recommended a consensus process whereby:

•   Consensus is achieved if at least 75% of the members give a “3” or above as outlined in the table below.
•   On final consensus tallying, numbers will be added up, recorded and documented in          proceedings.
•   No one person can veto and stop the process.
•   Members who register a “1” or “2” are encouraged to provide an alternate proposal that achieves the goals and objectives set out by the SAC. If no alternative is offered, they are encouraged to explain why they voted a one or two, and their reasons and objections will be noted and recorded.

Please note that a 3 is considered a yes or agree vote no matter it states above.

Draft recommendations will be presented to the advisory council at meetings this fall and winter, at which time the council will begin deliberations on all items in the Draft Advisory Council Regulatory and Zoning Alternatives Development Workplan. 
For more info on this Workplan visit this link: